So you’ve finally decided to give Royal Q cryptocurrency trading app a try to explore the endless opportunity of profit-making. However, some users find it a little challenging to wrap their heads around the Royal Q sign-up and login process. If you’re in that shoe, this article is for you.

To begin with, you must have heard some people call it Royal Quantitative, while others name it Royal Q. They both refer to the same thing as the trading robot. As you probably know, the crypto trading tool has been developed to make trading easy for users as it can be done automatically.

While they are many options out there to consider, Royal Q has been ranked by various expert platforms and communities as one of the reliable apps one can consider for auto trading when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies on Binance or Huobi.

To explore this digital innovation, it is required that users can download the Royal Q app, create and activate an account, and then successfully log in to perform required settings and binding with their exchange platform, e.g., Binance.

In this article, I will take you through all the processes involved in Royal Q Registration, Login, Password setting, both on Mobile phone and desktop view, that is, Royal Q on PC. Sadly, we won’t be looking into another aspect like binding Royal Q with Binance or settings required for trading, but you can find out about all there in my recent article HERE.

How to Login/Sign-in/Register on Royal Q

As mentioned earlier, the excellent simulator called Royal Q is one you can rely on for carrying out an excellent auto trade with close to zero risk of loss. It is similar to handing over your trades to a trading expert, but this time, using a quality and affordable digital AI tool.

However, for you to start using Royal Q, there is going through a particular registration process. Many new users find this phase to be a confusing stage because due to the rapid growth of the network, many affiliate users are creating look-alike platforms which often mislead users who want to register for the actual Royal Q app.

Hence, I have put together steps that you can follow to successfully register for the Royal Q network without worrying about making a wrong leap. 

How to register with Email

1. Go to and click [Register].

Royal Q registration link

2. On the registration page, enter your email address

3. Click on Send Verification Code.

4. The system will send a verification code to your email. Please enter the verification code within 30 minutes. If you can’t find the email in your inbox, please check your other mail folders as well, or click [Resend Email] to resend.

5. Create a password for your account, and enter the Invitation code (P3Z5N). Then, read and agree to the Terms of Service and click [Register].

5. Congratulations, you have successfully registered on Royal Q.

6. To enhance your account security, click [Go to Dashboard] to enable two-factor authentication (2FA), including Google verification and Transaction password.

How to Login to Royal Q

How to register on the Royal Q app

On Google Play or App Store app search “Royal Q.”

1. Open the Royal Q App and tap [Login/Register].

How-to-register-on-Royal-Q app

2. Click on the drop-down [Select your location]. Enter the email address and password you’ll use for your account,

3. Click on Send (To receive your Verification Code sent to your email address).

4. The system will send a verification code to your email. Please enter the verification code within 30 minutes. If you can’t find the email in your inbox, please check your other mail folders as well, or click [Resend Email] to resend.

5. Enter the Invitation code (P3Z5N). Then, read and agree to the Terms of Service, check the box, and click [Register now].

register on roayl q app


  • Your password must contain at least eight characters, including one uppercase letter and one number.
  • Make sure you use this Invitation code (P3Z5N).

As you have seen, the registration process for getting started on the Royal Q network is not as complicated as some people think it to be. It can be done using an accessible email account or downloading the app directly. Either way, it all ends up with the same result of having a registered account.

How to Login to Royal Q

Now that you have been able to register on Royal Q successfully, the next thing is to log into the network using the email and password you generated during the registration process. Thankfully, the steps involved are less cumbersome.

In what is perceived to be an observation, the question of ‘how to log in to Royal Q’ has been discovered to be among the most asked questions by new users of the platform. But, apart from this, there is another salient information to learn, especially if you’re trying crypto bots such as this for the very first time.

For example, you’d want to know how the crypto trading bot works, the account activation process, whether or not the network is profitable as advertised by its marketers, as well as other ways you can make money with Royal Q aside from trading cryptocurrency assets; such as its Compensation and Marketing/MLM Plan.

But as I mentioned earlier, today’s post is only concerned with answering the pressing questions of new users trying to wrap their heads around the Royal Q account login procedures.

How to Login Royal Q account

Go to RoyalQ or Royal Q App or Website. and click [Royal Q (].

Click on “Login”.

Enter your email and password.

If you forgot the password, click on “Forgot password”.

royal q login

Complete the security verification puzzle.

royal puzzle trick

After entering the data, click on the «Log in» and get to the security verification. You can successfully use your Royal Q account to trade with the correct details.

From the image above, you will see that there is still an option to ‘Register Now’ if you have not registered yet. In other words, even though you didn’t go through the steps of registration outlined earlier, that link will take you to the needed page and then follow the due prompts.

Once you can log into your Royal Q account, you can now go ahead to sort out paying the activation fees and then make the necessary setup to suit your trading style and ensure a practical auto trading experience. 

After following these registrations and login steps, and when you start using the platform, you will need no one to tell you how reliable the AI tool is at being fast in reacting to market signals and efficient and time-saving.

I forgot my password from the Royal Q account.

One may forget their login password, which will deny their Royal Q account access. However, just as with other online accounts – significantly ones that have to do with online transactions, there is always room for handling the situation, and royal Q isn’t deficient in such a helpful feature.

So, you can reset your account password from the Royal Q website or app – if you can not remember the original password you set during registration. The steps are easy and are as follows:

1. Go to and click [Login].

2. On the login page, click [Forgot Password?].

royal q forgot password

3. Enter your account email address and new password.

3. Click on Send (To receive your Verification Code sent to your email address).

4. The system will send a verification code to your email. Please enter the verification code within 30 minutes. If you can’t find the email in your inbox, please check your other mail folders as well, or click [Resend Email] to resend.

4. Then [Submit].

royal q forgot password

5. Your password has been reset successfully. Please use the new password to log in to your account.

Tips: In order not to find yourself in a situation of always using the forgot password thingy; I recommend you save the username and password to your device browser so that each time you load the Royal Q login page, your username and password is automatically provided. 

However, if you are to go by this, you want to make sure your browser is secured from third-person access to avoid stories that touch.

Is Royal Q available for PC?

royal q on laptop

Another angle that should be touched on in this extensive Royal Q login guide is the issue of using the Royal Q platform on a desktop view or PC. “Is Royal Q available for PC” is one of the frequently asked questions submitted by many of my students and new users in general.

The short answer is Yes, the Royal Q crypto trading platform is available to users on mobile phones, tablets, desktops or PC view. Thankfully, the process involved in navigating around the platform is pretty similar across all devices, with only a few notable changes in the user interface.

Many popular crypto trading apps offer their service for desktop view only. But with the rising rate of mobile phone users in the trading world, developers are now compelled to make provisions for smartphone users.

Royal Q for PC – What you should know

The only conceivable way to access your Royal Q account using a laptop is through the official website, where you can either sign-up or log in. But to get the app installed on your system for seamless accessibility just as you have it with your smartphone.

The only two simple ways I can recommend are by using Bluestacks and MemuPlay emulators that allow you to duplicate the app on your phone to be used on your laptop; of course, there are other android emulators but I think these two are the best.

The truth is that many popular apps, Royal Q inclusive, don’t have a web version of their app available yet. This is seen as a dance to the beat of the drums played by people who now focus more on their android or IOS platforms and often ignore the conventional PC platforms.

So if you are pondering on using the Royal Q platform on a bigger screen, either you go via the website or try emulators like Bluestacks. The good part is that most of these emulators are very simple to install and use.

Royal Q successful login – What’s next?

It is good that you are pretty familiar with the necessary know-how of Royal Q registration and login. So, what is next?

You can now proceed to bind the AI tool with your Binance API keys, setting the required trading strategy on the Royal Q app, and then monitor your profit recording as you do only 5% of the entire trading hassle. Learn more about all these HERE.

Royal Q platform Login – The Pros and Cons

In a complete review of the Royal Q trading robot software I wrote recently, I mentioned that it is always safe to consider the benefits and drawbacks of any crypto trading app before investing in it because that is the quickest way to draw out an informed decision.

The recommendation remains the same in this situation of Royal Q login and general platform usage, especially compared to what similar and competing trading bots are offering.

You have been exposed to the login process of Royal Q, its user interface, and the design of the AI software. Thus, I expect that you either nod or shake your head at some of the points I’d be outlining – having analyzed both the advantages and disadvantages of trading with Royal Q.

Advantages of using Royal Q 

1. Instead of spending extra money on hiring so-called trading experts, you can take a little out of that cost and invest in intelligent AI tools like Royal Q Bots, whose benefits will place you over other traders who rely on their skills alone.

2. Since it is an automated trading, we can be sure that there are no emotions attached to how Royal Q handles your trading; hence there won’t be a sentiment that can influence making a wrong trading decision.

3. Royal Q trading app has been ranked as one of the safest trading robots to keep secured funds for trading crypto and funding exchange websites.

4. It is good that the robot, after being activated and bound with Binance or Huobi, works 24/7 nonstop in trading, monitoring, and tracking. This is a task we can’t do ordinarily.

5. Trading becomes more manageable, more efficient, and time-saving, allowing us to focus more on other essential things in our lives that bring in revenue.

Disadvantages of using Royal Q Bot

You have been equipped with the knowledge of registering, creating an account, and logging in to Royal Q, both on Phone and Laptop, but that doesn’t make it late or less essential to be aware of the few wrong sides of using, not just Royal Q, but robots in general for trading cryptocurrencies.

I’d always tell my students that there is a ‘but’ in using bots. This is because, despite their appealing benefits, they aren’t always perfect. Yes, we are correct when we say that potential risks in trading are reduced to the minimum with the help of deploring the Royal Q app. But, it does not mean that there won’t likely be hitches.

The standard issue that many AI software and innovations share is usually around factors that trigger programming errors or sort. However, such has not been reported from the Royal Q trading bot so far as it has been able to stand the test of time.

Additionally, a drawback of royal q is that it is, quite frankly, no get-rich-quick thing. Even though it allows users to earn via referral at different rankings based on more extensive referral networks, income realized from royal q are to be consistent before being seen as massive – not overnight. 

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It’s a wrap

In the world we live in today, the opportunities to make money online for a living, even with nearly zero experience, have become endless. But, information about these opportunities remains salient, mainly to avoid being prey to many dubious individuals with such knowledge.

As we have seen, Royal Q can help execute automatic intelligent trading in real-time monitoring and tracking without failing on real-time market conditions. To explore the benefits of the tool, you need to understand how it works, and it all begins with the registration and login process, which we have been able to decipher in the article above.

Feel free to indicate in the comments if you have any other queries, or things you feel should have been touched on in this guide.

Thanks for reading.