All you need to know about registration for the Royal Q crypto trading robot and its network, from the opening of an account to binding with your exchange platform, all step-by-step guides for the registration process gathered in one place – right here.

As it stands, I can assume that you’ve done your research and finally decided to join the league of smart crypto enthusiasts who are leveraging the Royal Q robot and earning more profit pretty effortlessly.

However, there needs to be a tread of caution as you go about finding your way to begin using this crypto bot. While many supposed coach is out there to misinform people and cart away commissions without putting them through the actual process, there are some who genuinely have little or no personal experience as to How the royal q crypto bot work.

One of the areas you need to be careful when using AI tools to trade crypto assets is the registration process given that it marks your first contact and information-sharing with the platform.

In this article below, I have gathered all you need to know on the Registration process of Royal Q crypto bot from start to finish. We will also touch on the Royal Q registration fee compared to that of similar competing bots, as well as how to use Royal Q like a pro to earn more from trading cryptocurrencies.

In order not to put the cart before the horse, let’s briefly understand what truly is the royal Q trading bot and how it works. This is to be more certain that it is a sure fit for you.

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Royal Q trading bot at a glance

I know you have heard a lot about the app already, and you are ready to dive into it. But just to be sure we are on the same page, Royal Q might not be exactly what you have been told it is.

Being an intelligent quantitative strategy trading software, the Royal Q tool has been designed to help traders trade cryptocurrency assets without necessarily requiring human intervention.

This is done by using complex algorithms to evaluate deals in the market, select the most favourable trading methods and place trade. The AI tool actually takes care of everything once you are able to successfully bind it with your exchange platform such as Binance, for example.

For the software to work, it must first be downloaded and then you register, activate it, then bind with the user’s exchange platform to trade and earn passive revenue. This is why it is important to get the registration process right before anything else.

Another interesting revenue-generating aspect of Roya Q is the MLM network plan where users are given rewards in the form of commission and bonuses whenever they successfully refer someone into the network using a generated invite link.

The founder and identity behind the Royal Q are not as public, just as with many of these tech solutions out there, and we can only think of that as a norm. But in a recent post where we uncovered this truth, it was brought to light that the software is registered as a company with a licensed entity (Royal Quantify investment management company), headquartered in Singapore, and founded by Chih Kuang Ouyang.

If you are at the point of registration, the first thought should be the necessary information needed to get started which we shall look into below.

Things you need before registering and using Royal Q

Before you consider registering for Royal Q Bot, you need to be abreast of all the necessary information and resources required so that you are not caught off guard.

Of course, the AI tool can be used by anyone and everyone, but without the following factors, you won't be able to successfully register for the network.

Internet-accessible device: To begin with, all Royal Q registration process is done online and so you don't need to physically go on-site to any centre since you can register at the comfort of your home.

In other words, you need a device that can access the internet. Thankfully, it doesn't necessarily need to be a laptop as the Royal Q is also available in the Mobile app, aside from its official website.

This is unlike many other competing bots that offer no alternative of such.

Active email address: A viable email address is a crux for successfully registering and activating a Royal Q account.

As you will see later on, your email address is what you will use to set a secured password and activate your account before you bind with any exchange and start trading. Hence, the email has to be your own, one you can swiftly access, and one with which you can receive notifications.

In addition to these, you will need to set a Binance account or use your existing Binance account, if you are to register and use Royal Q.  The process basically involves connecting your royal Q app with your existing Binance account, setting certain trending parameters as we will discuss later, and then you are good to go.

With the understanding of Royal Q and how this can help you make a profit in crypto trading, let's dive into the registration procedures of Royal Q robot.

Now, what is Royal Q registration fee?

Registration on Royal Q crypto trading robot is entirely free. But just like similar bits, you will be required to activate your account in order to start your Bot to trade with Binance or Huobi exchange.

The cost of activating your Royal Q account after registration is, in total,  140USD and is renewed annually. For a breakdown, $120 out of the total cost is going for the activation while the remaining $20 is for the gas fee which will. be there in your asset.

The process is simple, but many still find it quite tricky. For this reason, I dedicated a recent purpose to provide a practical step-by-step guide on Royal Q Registration with screenshots of the process which you can find HERE.

The activation procedure of using the AI tool with the following process:

  1. Launch the app on your mobile device
  2. Navigate to the  “mine” section where you have the account details.
  3. Click on assets where you will see the option to deposit
  4. Click on deposit and then from here you can copy your Royal Q wallet address and send $140 (TRC-20) to this address.

The funds you deposit can be viewed when you navigate to “asset” on the app. With this, you can now click on activate to proceed.

Comparing Royal Q registration fee with that of other crypto bots

There are many crypto bots out there that might as well serve as an alternative. But when choosing a Bot to invest in, one of the things to pay attention to is the cost to get it working for you versus the profit you can be able to realize from the investment.

P.S: I won't recommend you consider “free” bots because the majority of them are in the experimental stage and will end up disappointing, to put it mildly.

In this light, having compared the activation fees of Royal Q with that of similar famous bots out there like Bitsgap, Coinrule, etc, I can conclude that Royal Q is pretty affordable as an advantage.

For instance, to use Bitsgap, one will have to renew a monthly subscription of $19 every month. In other words, it cost about $228 per year – a doubled fee compared to Royal Q.

There are many others like Pionex, Cryptohopper, Haasbot, GunBot and even Trality that, after trying them, do not appear to measure up the way this AI software does.

Royal Q registration certificate

A lot of interested people who have heard about Royal Q usually ask questions about Royal Q Registration Certificate. The truth is that after successfully registering for Royal Q, perhaps with an invite code, all you need is to download the app and then integrate it with your Binance API keys.

The proof that you are actively using the platform is indicated with a verification email that will be sent to the email address used in registration as seen in the image below.

Royal Q registration link

Information needed when Registering for Royal Q Trading Bot

Suppose you are set to jump into the registration process right away. In that case, you should know the information that will be required so you aren't caught off guard.

While the registration is free, you will need to have the following at your disposal:

A viable registration link here

An accessible email that is active. (I recommend using yours)

An Invitation Code which is this: P3Z5N

The Royal Q App (can be downloaded from Google play store or IOS store)

In order not to download a look-alike app, this is the link to download the real Royal Q Robot mobile application.

Deposit and withdrawal after registration on Royal Q App

After successful registration and activation of Royal Q account, another thing to consider is the process involved in depositing and withdrawing your funds from the platform.

Royal Q uses modern AI cyber security configurations to ensure that transactions are smooth and swift. But how do you deposit and withdraw to aid effortless trading?

  • Since you have registered and now have the Royal Q App, the first thing is to log into the platform using your email and password
  • Navigate to the third row in the page of the app and click on the “Asset”
  • There, you will see options to “Deposit”, “Withdraw” and transfer.
  • Whichever transaction you want to make can be done by clicking on any of these buttons.

It has been discovered that Royal Q  can generate a guaranteed income of 1-50% on a daily basis. This, among other profitable reasons, is why many crypto investors are eyeing robots.. Competent robots to trade on their behalf.

There are also other streams from which registered Royal Q members can earn. I have deciphered these various avenues in this post HERE.

In summary

So far we have been able to look at the critical areas related to Royal Q Registration, its fees and procedures.

It is important I reiterate here that the registration for Royal Q is entirely free. What you will need to pay for is the activation and gas fees as explained above. And based on analysis and comparison, the app appears to be cost-effective compared to others.

Over to you, if you have any questions or comment about using Royal Q, feel free to share in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Royal Q robot legit?

All things being considered, you won’t go wrong by choosing to invest in the Royal Q trading robot as it will help you maximize the profit you make off trading by analysing the market and making risk-free trading decisions on your behalf, based on the trading parameters you have set.

How do I get Royal Q invite code?

By using an invite code during your royal q registration process, a reward will automatically be sent to your royal q account as a new user, and then to the person who referred you as well.

Generally, anyone introducing the platform to you would want you to use their referral so that they can earn their fair share of referral bonus as much as you’d be getting a ‘new user’ reward as well. As mentioned earlier, feel free to use the invite code:

How good is Royal Q?

Whether the market plummets or navigates towards the bullish region, Royal Q has been built to work efficiently. A good way to explain this is that the AI tool doesn’t display the actual profit that you withdraw.

For example, in scenarios where a particular coin drops from 50 to 49 and the bot buys it, if it eventually dips further to 40, the bot keeps buying